Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So I went MIA for a quite some time..

What a week last week.. So I went to my parents house on Thursday.. Did A LOT of work I thought.. was all proud of myself, was on my way home, going to show my husband all the work I had accomplished.. and then...

5 minutes before I get home, I get in an accident... ended up t-boning some girl who tried to turn left in front of me to go to Burger King.. so, I ended up hitting her, not purposely of course.. slammed my brakes.. and then it resulted in both vehicles being total losses..

So then my weekend was pretty much shot.. Was at the emergency room Thursday until 4am Friday.. Friday I did go to my grandma's for pizza and her birthday though..was there all day, then Saturday all of the tenseness set in to my neck and back... so then the weekend, I pretty much lounged.. all weekend lol.

I was a great movie watcher on Saturday! I watched Legally Blond, Legally Blond II, AND Twilight.. I also finished reading Twilight yesterday which I am very proud of myself for doing.. Will continue on to read New Moon soon.. maybe start reading it tonight, we will see..

But in conclusion.. I was out of my little cycle of doing things.. and am slowly getting back into the swing of things..

I have great ideas in store for A.D.Designs! Which by my deadline, I have to finish by August 15th! Most items in my shop as of August 15th will come with their very own, Certificate of Authentication, signed by me! :). Exciting I know! lol.

But that is what I will be working on this week! And will keep listing things..

I also need to make more items because there is a Bazaar in October that I would like to attend, it is only a few blocks from my house, and only $30 for a table, so I think it is a good move to try and get into that bazaar!

Until Next Time... Happy Shopping! :)

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  1. Wow - lots of fun changes :)

    where's the Bazaar in October?